Praying for You: send us your intentions

On December 21, after taking two pregnancy tests and discovering the biggest surprise of our lives thus far, one thing became evident: we were in for an adventure. Our lives have never really been anything other than an adventure, though, whether by way of enduring long-distance dating for a year and a half, working together in ministry and teaching, or facing new, unexpected career changes after buying a home and while expecting this child. And honestly: we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

At each twist and turn, we’ve learned to trust the Lord more and more. Considering how we met in the first place, that’s probably been a good thing - to lean, ever more, upon the promises and hope given to us by Christ himself. Trust is founded on confidence in the Lord’s goodness. Trust in Jesus grows when the dark night and raging storms come full force. Trust in the Lord is solidified, and renewed, in prayer. It’s when we humbly lift our hearts to the One who wants to listen to all we have to offer and say that we see just how loved and cherished we are…that He would listen in the first place should comfort our weary souls. 

Our trust in the Lord has grown, especially throughout this entire pregnancy and in the last two months of major transition. So much of our hope in the goodness of the Lord has come from people - both here in our hometown and spread out across the world - who have offered support, encouragement, and most of all, numerous prayers. We are where we are today because of the prayers of so many people we are blessed to know, and even the prayers of those we don’t know all that well. Whether it was our family consistently visiting Adoration chapels, friends from coast to coast sending texts saying we were on their intention lists and offering advice and comfort, or new acquaintances assuring us they were lifting us up as we prepare for this next beautiful chapter, we have been surrounded by a beautiful cloud of holy witnesses who have brought us to the heart of Jesus. 

It would be very easy to just say “thank you” and move on, confident that we can handle all that’s to come with new jobs and a new baby. But, in the spirit of gratitude (and in the anticipation of graces being greatly needed & abundantly poured out), we want to return what has been given to us. We want to pray for you. 

Years ago, a friend of mine was expecting her second child (for the record, she now has six). She posted on her Facebook page that she would be praying throughout her labor, offering each contraction and labor pain up for a different intention people sent her. I remember typing my request in the comment box, and when I saw her picture of little Therese pop up on my NewsFeed a few weeks later, I knew that Kate had prayed for me, and it was beautiful. What a priceless gift to give - an offering up of (what I’ve heard) can be a somewhat painful (but joyous) experience. 

And so that’s what we want to do: we want to pray for you, offering up intentions during the birth of baby Rose (happening sometime in August…) We want to bring you with us, spiritually, into the delivery room and give back what so many, those we know and those we don’t, have given to us: support, encouragement, and prayers so that our trust in the Lord would only increase and strengthen. No intention is too small or menial, because to so many, we were not too small or menial. It would be nothing more than an honor and gift to be able to lift you up, and we are grateful for the chance to do so. 

To share your intentions with us, which we will carry with us during contractions and active labor, please fill out the form below. 

Please don't feel obligated to leave your name. Anonymous intentions are welcome

Know that we are grateful for you, blessed by you, and excited for the chance to pray for you as we continue to prepare for (and experience) the greatest joy of our lives. 

With joy,

-Katie & Tommy (and baby Rose)