Heartburn: Discovering Baby McGrady

On Wednesday, December 21, I woke up with terrible heartburn. Like, the kind of heartburn that comes only after you've eaten a five-layer lasagna or a three-alarm hot pepper chili, of which I had eaten neither the day before. 

It was weird: heartburn at 6:30 a.m.

I walked to the bathroom to go through my morning routine, and as I opened the cabinet to grab my toothbrush, a pregnancy test caught my eye. Maybe...? I thought. I mean, maybe? But no: we've been practicing NFP diligently, plus and minus 4 days on either side, and I recorded every day... 

And then the "early signs of pregnancy" poster from my gynecologist's office flashed into my mind, with "Acid Reflux and Heartburn" listed as number 5. 

So I pulled out a pregnancy test, took it, set it on the counter, closed my eyes, and waited...

It was positive. 

No need to panic. Just breathe, Katie. Take a shower. Breathe. Act normal. Breathe. Don't panic. Go about your morning. Take your shower. Breathe. Don't panic. 

After what was a longer than normal shower, I took a second pregnancy test. The results were, once again, positive. 

This was no longer a drill. This was no longer a fluke. This was no longer a "whoops" (even though it's quite possibly the biggest and best "whoops" of our lives...) 

This was two positive pregnancy tests sitting on the counter.

My heartburn only got worse. 

I immediately pulled up my FEMM App and checked our trusty NFP tracking calendar. I technically wasn't "late," but the end of my cycle was coming up...And technically we hadn't entirely honored our usual "plus 4, minus 4" NFP rule, but we should have still been "in the clear" if certain indicators were to be believed...

All that aside, though, I was pregnant, and I had the two tests to prove it. I quickly did the due-date math...

Being the type that plans my days, weeks, and months to the minute, I immediately opened my calendar and scrolled to August, 2017. It was empty. As in, not a single thing was marked on any day. Not even the first day of school for the 2017-2018 school year. No gigs. No events. No places to be or things to do. And then I scrolled down to September. Also empty, except for one event in Houston, TX on the last day of the month.

Okay, then...I see what you're doing, Lord.

When I stepped out of the bathroom and practically cry-shouted to Tommy, "I think we're pregnant," as I held up the two tests, his jaw dropped, he raced toward me, picked me up in a giant hug, and spun me around. He then proceeded to jump up and down for joy for a solid minute. 

My racing heart slowed. My scattered mind settled. The tears slowly welling up in my eyes dried. 

This wasn't my plan, by any means. A baby in 2017 wasn't something I had prepared for or even seriously thought about or necessarily wanted. Our united front and repeated discernment had been "wait."

Well...the waiting game is now over and there's a baby on the way. 

A child wasn't scheduled in my meticulously planned year or considered as I was mapping out where to go and what to do. But it was in God's plan. In His infinite wisdom and through His divine providence, God gifted us with something - someone - that He has known about since the dawn of creation. Someone God has wanted to exist at this moment, in this place, at this time, forever. It was marked in His calendar. It was placed on His agenda. It was prepared for in His plan, not ours, which makes it even better. We get to play a role in the bringing of this new life into the world, given the remarkable responsibility and awesome gift of raising a child and forming a soul.

Tommy and I were married on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: a heart literally on fire - burning - with an intense love of Her precious Son. The flaming heart of Mary graced the day our hearts blazed with love of one another as we entered into this married life together, and seven months later, early morning heartburn woke me up and told me to pay attention to something unexpected and for which we had not planned. My heart burned that day: burned with excitement, peace, nervousness, and joy. 

The curly weds are having a curly head...and our hearts are burning with love.